Five Tips for Annual Report Design

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The annual report provides investors and other stakeholders with immediate access to your company’s most important performance indicators. Here are some tips to make your annual report design stand out.

1. Be relevant
What is an annual report? It is a direct communication from a company’s board and management. You can make your annual report attractive to investors by providing a holistic and meaningful picture of your company’s business model, strategy, development, performance, position and future prospects. Your messages ensure context for the financial statements and future announcements.

2. Create a clear structure
While investors like continuity and last year’s template can be a good starting point, the structure of an annual report should meet investors’ current needs. Every company is different. Ensuring your report has clear narrative flow, sets out information clearly, and has a cohesive structure, is more effective than ticking off a checklist of compliance requirements.

3. Write dynamic copy
Einstein is credited with saying ‘everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler’. This is a good guide for writing your annual report. If investors understand what you say, they will have more incentive to delve further and perhaps buy more shares or recommend investment.

4. Aim for quality, not quantity
Investors allocate funds based on what they know. If you’re not telling your story succinctly, there’s a good chance they will place your company in the ‘too hard basket’. Increasing readability by using descriptive headings and break-out boxes help to cut the clutter. Relevant examples, photos, diagrams and tables assist too.

5. Tell your story through effective design
An effective design, adaptable to digital format, can help express how your company creates and captures value and why it is unique. Good annual report design will guide investors’ perceptions, empowering your brand through ‘high level’ information that conveys the significance of your company’s strategy, operations and products.


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