Financial Services Communication


FCR’s involvement in many of the major developments in Australian financial markets over the past three decades has given us unique experience and insights that enable us to contribute additional value to clients’ communications.

We played a leading role in gaining widespread acceptance for exchange traded funds (ETFs), when Barclays Global Investors (subsequently acquired by BlackRock) launched iShares in the Australian market, and we now help Van Eck Australia to build awareness of its growing portfolio of Market Vectors ETFs based on purpose-built indices.

We assist AllianceBernstein (AB), Janus and Standard Life Investments to build their businesses in Australia, and our experience includes working for banks, financial planners, insurance companies, and accounting, actuarial and mortgage finance industry associations. We also work for Bibby Financial Services, a leader in debtor finance.

When the leading global insurer, Lloyd’s, faced a crisis due to record losses, we arranged a roadshow to communicate with Australian underwriters which became a blueprint for other parts of the world. When four credit unions decided to demutualise, they sought our advice on how to persuade members to vote in favour of this significant change. We also helped to re-position Yieldbroker through its new website and to secure media coverage following ASX’s investment in its shares.

Our extensive experience has also included communication campaigns to introduce commodity securitisation, mortgage securitisation, index funds, CFDs and CDO-based retail investment products to the Australian market.

“An integral part of our success has been the establishment of our brand name among trade and consumer press. We are delighted with the results that FCR has achieved with the strength of our partnership setting the foundation for future success.”


Arian Neiron, Van Eck Global